How to Help Your Puppy Settle

It’s a good idea to ensure that there will be someone around for most of the time in the first few days when you bring your puppy home. Dogs are very social animals and crave company plus being around makes it easier to tackle toilet training.

  • Indoor kennels are a good idea. They help puppies feel secure, they can help with house training and it gives the puppy a quiet place to rest in the early days when they need a lot of sleep. Put it in a quiet part of the house, preferably not a bedroom.


  • A cosy bed is important for dogs. This should be kept in a quiet, dry, draught-free area. Make sure you choose one that can be cleaned easily and thoroughly, and remember to do this regularly.


  • It’s best not to ‘mollycoddle’ puppies and try to run to them if they cry in the night.


  • Get the puppy accustomed to being left alone by leaving them for very short times initially and gradually build up the time left. Ideally don’t leave them for more than 4 hours.


  • Let the puppy see that you are getting ready to go out, put on your coat, get the car keys, close the door on them and then come back a few minutes later.


  • Leaving them for just a few minutes initially lets them soon see that although you go away you do come back.

For more information please speak with one of our veterinary nurses.