Senior Pets Wellness Check

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Keep Pets Fit and Healthy for Longer

As pets move into their senior years their dietary needs change and they become more susceptible to a variety of health issues from diabetes to mobility issues.
The Senior Wellness Check at Links Vet Group is designed to check that all is as it should be and if there are any health issues they can be spotted early, making them easier to treat. We’ll advise you on how to help keep your pet fit and active for longer and help reduce the need for medical treatment later.

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Who is the Senior Wellness Check designed for?

Cats and Dogs aged 8 years and over will all benefit from the Senior Wellness Check. It is recommended that the screening tests and health checks are carried out each year.


What does the Senior Wellness Check Include?

Urinary Tests
Early treatment of these conditions results in significantly improved health, with pain, weight and thirst all better controlled, improving the quality of life.
  • Kidney disease screening
  • Diabetes screening
Heart Tests
Early treatment of cardiovascular disease can significantly improve the life expectancy compared with pets who are not treated
Dental Checks
Gum disease affects 80% of older cats and dogs and can lead to serious health problems including bone infections, dental abscesses and heart valve infections. Luckily it is preventable and some simple steps can keep your pet protected.
Joints and Mobility
Mobility problems are common in older pets but can be difficult to spot as cats and dogs are good at masking the signs of pain. Once diagnosed, pain and discomfort can be reduced with some simple measures.
Coat and Skin
This can reveal a lot about the underlying health condition of a senior pet any many conditions can be improved with changes in diet or shampoo.
General Health
Good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight is important throughout a pet’s life but it’s in the senior years that you’ll particularly see the benefits. It’s also important to keep up with vaccinations and parasite control to help ensure a healthy old age.


How much does the Senior Wellness Check cost?

The complete Senior Wellness Check is free to Links Vet Group clients.


How long does the Senior Wellness Check take?

Please allow 30 minutes for this comprehensive health check.

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