Puppy Socialisation Classes

puppy socialisation

Early Socialisation for Happy Well-adjusted Dogs

Puppy socialisation classes are a great way for young pups to learn to interact with each other in a relaxed and safe environment whilst their owners get valuable tips on puppy care.  The classes are organised in a series of 2 sessions and at each session the focus is on socialisation and fun with plenty of opportunity for play.  We find that owners enjoy these sessions just as much as the puppies!

You’ll also get a tour behind the scenes at our Haddington hospital.  

Why is early socialisation so important?

Dog behaviourists recommend that puppies get accustomed to other dogs and people and new situations from an early age.  This helps them to grow into well-adjusted dogs and helps avoid behavioural problems later.  We have also found that dogs who have attended our puppy classes are more relaxed about trips to the vet in the future.


A maximum of 2 people are invited to accompnay each puppy.   Numbers are striclty restiricted as it is important that the puppies feel safe and confident and don't become overwhelmed.   

Booking Your Puppy Socialisation Classes

There is a small fee of £5 per puppy for the course of 2 sessions.  All proceeds from the classes are donated to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.  You can book a place for your puppy for the Wednesday following their Second Vaccination.   If you haven't already booked a place simply call the surgery on 01620 822262 to confirm a place for you and your puppy.  We recommend that you book a place early as the younger the puppy the more they benefit. 

Class Times

Puppy Socialisation Classes are held every Wednesday at 7.15pm at our Haddington Surgery in the Lothian Canine Rehabilitation Centre building.  There’s plenty of free parking.

Topics We Cover

Over the course of the 2 sessions we’ll cover:

  • Meeting other Dogs, Body Language, Exercise and Recall
  • Mental Stimulation, Home Alone and Behaviour
  • How to Handle your Puppy, Body Condition Scoring, Importance of Training
  • Desensitising Puppies to Loud, Unusual and Everyday Sounds  Download our programme so you can start this at home

 And there’s plenty of time for you to ask questions.  For more information Contact Us


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