Free Adolescent Assessment Kitten Clinic


new kitten lifestyle 4All kittens are invited to attend a free Adolescent Assessment at around 5 months.  This is a relaxed half hour appointment where the veterinary nurse will check that your kitten is developing well and discuss a wide range of kitten health care topics.  Behaviour can start to change around this time and we can offer advice and reassurance.  The assessment includes:

  • A full  nose to tail examination
  • Weight check, diet and nutrition and how to monitor body condition score
  • Parasite control (fleas, worms and mites)
  • Dental care advice and demonstration
  • Neutering advice
  • Advice on mental stimulation, play and behaviour

It's a great opportunity to raise any questions you may have about the care of your kitten and it helps your kitten become accustomed to visiting the vets in a realxed environment.


Around 5 months