Puppy Grooming Questions

How often to groom?

Get your puppy accustomed to being groomed from early on.  It helps with bonding and grooming helps them to get accustomed to being examined.  If you get into the habit of daily grooming it not only keeps the coat in good condition, but also if a problem arises with the skin or coat it enables you to notice it early. 

For advice about the right type of grooming tools to use for your particular please ask one of our veterinary nurses.

When to bathe a puppy or dog?

Dogs don’t need bathing very often as they are very efficient at grooming themselves and bathing too often strips the essential oils from their coat. If they have become muddy then a wash with water is usually all they need. 

When become particularly dirty or smelly then choose a shampoo that has been designed for dogs.  Bubble baths and shampoos designed for humans are usually not suitable.  

For more information please speak with one of our veterinary nurses.