Puppy Nutrition

new puppy lifestyle 7 feedingGood nutrition plays a hugely important role in the healthy development of our pets.  

We recommend Hill’s Vet Essentials as it is a complete diet that has perfectly balanced nutrients to meet the needs of rapidly growing puppies, along with clinically proven health benefits. It also has a unique kibble design to help reduce the build-up of plaque.  It promotes the healthy development of puppies and helps to maintain a healthy weight.  

Whichever diet you choose to feed your dog, select:

  • A complete diet that provides all the essential nutrients in one food
  • A diet that is formulated specifically for puppies to ensure it receives the correct balance of nutrients and calories for its age


  • Feed a Puppy diet from weaning to around 12 months

Our vet nurses can recommend how much and how often to feed your puppy as this varies by age, breed and size.