Equine Services

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Equine Vet Services in East Lothian

Our horse-loving specialist equine vet team provide the highest quality veterinary standards across the full range of equine services; all at competitive rates. From high level competition horses to the much loved family pony, our aim is to help you keep your horse healthy for a long active life and reduce the long term health care costs.

We can advise you before you’ve even bought your horse with our Pre-Purchase Examinations, through to preventative health care, routine medical and surgery treatment and a 24 hour emergency service with our own dedicated vets.

Our mobile facilities ensure that we can provide the highest quality service at your own premises or to save on call out fees we can accommodate you at one of our surgeries. If you have more than one horse we can develop a yard based health plan to provide the best care for all your animals, whilst saving you both time and money. No equine vet service in East Lothian is more dedicated and comprehensive than the service we offer at Links Vet Group.


Surgical and Non-surgical Cases
Highly experienced in all procedures
Full Ambulatory and Emergency Service
24/7 service with our own experienced vets
Parasite Control
Promoting responsible, cost effective worming
Pre-purchase Examinations
Helping you make the right decision
Mobile Facilities
Examinations,diagnosis and surgery on your own premises
Yard Plans
Comprehensive money saving health plans for multiple horses
Microchipping and Passports
Ensuring you comply with Government regulations