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Farm Vet Services in East Lothian

Routine medical and surgical care and a round the clock emergency service continues to be a vitally important part of the service that our farm vets provide, whilst Welfare and Management Planning, to help farmers maximise their business’s potential, is also key to the support that Links Vet Group provide for Farmers throughout East Lothian.

Our specialist farm vets can advise on preventing disease, the appropriate vaccines and parasite control and herd planning for improved welfare and efficiency. They can also be relied upon to help you make sense of government directives and how they affect you and the action you need to take to ensure you comply with relevant legislation and make full use of funding initiatives.


Welfare and Farm Management Planning
Improving productivity and profitability
Disease Prevention and Control
Keeping livestock healthy
Maximising Efficiency and Production
Improving profitability
Vaccination Advice
Reducing the risk of loss
Parasite Control
Improving Livestock Performance
Routine and Emergency Surgery
Reducing the risk of loss
TB Testing Government Legislation
Helping you to comply

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