Welfare Management


Improving Productivity and Profitability

Reducing disease while increasing performance and productivity of farming businesses.

Links Vet Group’s farming vets have vast experience in developing welfare plans that are tailored to individual farms and their changing circumstances. We work with farmers to create a cost effective plan that both improves the welfare of livestock whilst benefitting the economic viability of the farming enterprise.

 Herd Health Planning

A Measure-Manage-Monitor approach to:

  • Reduce disease and the cost of treating disease
  • Reduce loss from disease
  • Improve Animal Welfare
  • Improve profitability

 Planning Services

Guidance and advice throughout, including:

Assessing welfare status of livestock Develop disease treatment schedule
Regular stock inspections Agree a tailored vaccination and parasite control programme
Agree action plans to improve animal welfare Prioritising control measures with cost/benefit calculations
Blood testing and analysis Herd breeding management
Bio security Reviewing health plans