Behaviour Clinic

Mat Ward Behaviour Consultant

Removing Stress and Unwanted Behaviours

A variety of behaviour changes that cats and dogs experience can cause concern for their owners.  Although behaviour changes are most apparent during adolescence (around 6-12 months) or in the senior years (8 years and over), they can occur at any time.  

Behaviour problems can present in a wide variety of ways and can have a negative impact on the whole family.  The pet behaviour service provided to Links Vet clients by Mat Ward helps address them all by providing effective and practical behaviour advice to get back on the right track.

The success is based on a positive approach using methods that improve the lives of both pet owners and their animals and avoids the use of pain, fear, or intimidation that only superficially suppress undesirable behaviour.

Undesirable behaviours that can be helped include:

  • aggression towards people
  • aggression towards dogs
  • fear and anxiety
  • training problems
  • barking/howling
  • indoor toileting
  • chewing and other destructive behaviours
  • inter-cat aggression
  • urine marking/spraying
  • compulsive behaviour
  • mouthing/biting
  • sound phobias and other specific phobias
  • separation anxiety
  • pulling on the lead
  • jumping up
  • antisocial behaviour

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