Puppy & Kitten Programme

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The Best Start for that Precious New Family Member

When a new puppy or kitten joins the family it’s an exciting time. At Links Vet Group you’ll get plenty of free advice and reassurance to give your new addition the best start in life.

With Free clinics and health checks to help keep them healthy throughout their lives, the most comprehensive vaccination programme and prescription quality flea and worm prevention treatments as standard.

Puppies and Kittens benefit from:

Free Initial Health Check: A thorough clinical examination to reassure that all is well and an opportunity to ask any questions about health and pet care issues.  Contact us to arrange your Free Health Check for your new pet.

Free Puppy or Kitten Nurse Clinic: A relaxed half hour appointment to discuss a wide range of puppy care topics including:

  • how to handle your new pet
  • toilet training and behaviour
  • diet and nutrition
  • flea and worm prevention

Puppy Socialisation Classes: Early socialisation helps avoid behavioural problems later and these sessions are a fun, informative way to get puppies accustomed to other dogs whilst owners get lots of advice and have their questions answered.  Topics covered include:

  • Meeting other dogs, exercise and recall
  • Mental stimulation,' home alon'e and behaviour
  • How to handle your puppy and training
  • Desensitising puppies to loud and unusual noises

More Information about Puppy Socialisation Classes

4 Weeks Free Pet Insurance: Giving you time to consider the insurance options available.

What puppies and Kittens Need:


The most comprehensive vaccination programme that protects against the most common infectious diseases.
Flea & Worm Prevention
Regular preventative treatments are recommended to protect vulnerable puppies and kittens from the unpleasant and potentially dangerous conditions that fleas and worms can cause.
Many owners choose to neuter their pets. Links’ vets and nurses will discuss the options with you.

Compulsory for dogs from 8 weeks of age.
Lifelong inclusion in the national database to help keep your pet safe.


Links Health Care Plan

Save £90 on essential services during your puppy's first year

Save £66 for Kittens