Small Animals


Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular family pets, especially popular with young children.  They may be small but they require just as much love, care and attention as larger family pets.

Links Veterinary Group provides a number of services to help maintain an active healthy rabbit:

  • Annual Health checks:
    • Including booster vaccinations and both internal and external parasite treatments
  • Dietary advice
  • Dental checks and health care
  • Neutering
  • Behavioural advice
  • Nail clipping

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When you join Links Health Care Plan you'll save at least £67 per year on essential preventative health care treatment for your rabbit. With savings on initial vaccinations, annual booster vaccination, flea and worm prevention and neutering.  

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We provide annual vaccinations against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD). These come as a single combined injection using the most up-to-date vaccine available.


We recommend regular targeted treatment against fleas, fly strike, internal worms and Encephalitozoon cuniculi (E. cuniculi). E. cuniculi is a protozoan parasite that can cause significant and even fatal disease in rabbits. It is advisable to treat your pet with Panacur rabbit paste twice a year to aid in the control of this parasite. Fly strike typically occurs in the warmer weather when flies are attracted to dung/urine. It is important to monitor the back end of all rabbits during these times to ensure good hygiene and treatment with Rearguard can help control Fly Strike.


Fibre is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet, being essential for the normal functioning of the digestive system, teeth and weight management. Good quality hay and green foods should supplement a good quality pellet.


This is becoming a more common surgical procedure benefiting rabbit’s not only behaviourally (neutering can reduce aggression and spraying behaviour) but also helps prevent development of various diseases (e.g. pyometra, uterine cancer). Though these procedures require an anaesthetic with an associated low risk of potential complications, for most rabbits this risk is far outweighed by the benefits of neutering.

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