Vaccinations and Free Annual Health Check

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Keeping Pets Healthy

Every year vets see cases of serious infectious diseases in cats, dogs and rabbits that could have been avoided, but owners often didn’t realise that these potentially fatal diseases could have been prevented with a simple vaccination. Regular vaccination is a simple way to avoid illness and distress for pets and provide peace of mind for their owner.  With this in mind we offer the most comprehensive vaccination programme as standard.

Not all Vaccines are the Same

We believe in providing the best possible protection for pets and as a matter of policy we use the most comprehensive vaccination protection available.

Leptospirosis is a widespread bacterial disease that affects dogs. In the early stages it is difficult to diagnose and cause potentially fatal kidney and liver disease. Recent studies show that two new strains of the disease have emerged that traditional vaccines don’t protect against.

A new generation vaccine has been launched that now protects against all four strain of leptospirosis in dogs and it is our policy to provide this more comprehensive level of protection as standard.
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There are a group of diseases that all pets are at risk of catching and at Links Vet Group we recommend that all pets are vaccinated against these. Others we only recommend for at risk groups, such as Fel-v for outdoor cats who come into contact with other cats.

We also recommend that all dogs are vaccinated against Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is distressing for both pets and owners and is the most common of the infectious diseases. It’s a myth that it can only be caught in kennels. Dogs catch it from any contact with an infected dog. This could be out on a walk or playing in the park.

As part of the annual vaccination booster appointment your pet will receive a Free Health Check. This is a thorough clinical examination designed to check that all is well. If there are any issues they can be spotted early when they’re easier to treat.

The Free Annual Health Check Includes:

Weight and Body Condition Nutrition
Dental Check Behaviour
Flea and Worm Prevention Eyes
Ears Heart
Joints and Mobility Skin and Coat

Save at least £60 a year on essential vaccinations and flea and worm treatments with the Links Health Care Plan. Gold standard health care at discounted prices.

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