When to start using a collar?

Let your puppy get accustomed to wearing a collar from an early age.  Initially you can put it on for a short time.

How much and how often to exercise?

In the early days it’s important that puppies get lots of sleep and rest.  They would happily follow you around the house all day so it’s a good idea to use an indoor kennel to restrict their exercise.  Make it comfortable with a bed or blanket.

  • Initially restrict their exercise to play in the garden. 
  • After they have been vaccinated it’s a good idea to get them out and becoming socialised. 
  • Start with 10 minutes’ walk 3 times a day and gradually build up to x.  It’s important in the early days not to overdo it.

Exercise requirements vary between breeds but as a general rule the larger the breed the more careful you should be about gradually building up the amount of exercise as these breeds mature more slowly.  

For more information please speak with one of our veterinary nurses.